Research Grants and Awards

Woodruff Library Undergraduate Research Awards

The purpose of the Woodruff Library Undergraduate Research Award is to recognize and reward Emory College undergraduate students who:

  1. make extensive use of Woodruff Library's collections and research resources in their original scholarship
  2. show evidence of critical analysis in their research skills (i.e., locating, selecting, evaluating, and synthesizing information).

There are up to three awards per year ($500 each). At least one award will be given to a first-year student.

Indpendent Research Grants

The Scholarly Inquiry and Research at Emory (SIRE) program offers Independent Research Grants to support independent research and scholarly projects by undergraduate students. Grants cover costs for student research or creative projects. Funds can be used to purchase necessary books, laboratory reagents, travel for the purpose of doing research (for example, if you travel to a field research site or to a library, the grant may cover transportation costs and lodging), mailings, small equipment, or other research-related expenses. The maximum amount for a grant is $1,500 if the student is remaining in the U.S. and $2500 for grants involving international travel.

Departmental Undergraduate Research Awards

The Chemistry Department and Mathematics & Computer Science Department give awards to undergraduate students based on research and/or academic acheivement.