David Lynn (Biological Chemistry). Professor Lynn's research group works to understand the structures and forces that enable supramolecular self-assembly, how chemical information can be stored and translated into new molecular entities, and how the forces of evolution can be harnessed in new structures with new function. Such knowledge offers tremendous promise for discoveries in fields as diverse as drug design and genome engineering, pathogenesis and genome evolution, function nanoscale materials, and the origins of evolving chemical systems. In 2002, Professor Lynn was selected as one of 20 inaugural Howard Hughes Medical Institute professors to receive $1 million to bring scientific research to the undergraduate classroom. With this grant, he established a series of seminars for undergraduate that evolved into the On Recent Discoveries by Emory Researchers (ORDER) course for incoming freshmen and outgoing seniors.

Leslie Taylor (Theatre Studies). Professor Taylor has designed sets and costumes for over 150 theatre productions. She has served as the Chair of the Department of Theater and Dance and continues to serve as Executive Director for the Center for Creativity & Arts. She is a mentor for teacher-scholars in the ORDER program.